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Health and Safety Training Specialist

The Health and Safety Training Specialist will assist the Network180 Training Department in
providing quality classroom and virtual trainings to our staff and provider network. The person in this role will provide training on topics including but not limited to physical management and de-escalation training, and CPR/BLS training, as well as lead agency safety and security drills and consultations.

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Industrial Hygienist II

Job Posting Link:

Job posting number: 964053

Description: Michigan State University, Department of Medicine, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is seeking an Industrial Hygienist or Occupational Health & Safety professional. The individual will investigate work-related fatalities throughout the state to develop strategies to control or eliminate occupational hazards, including chemical and safety hazards. Investigations will include on-site interviews and inspections as well as reviews of relevant regulations (e.g. those of MIOSHA), other investigative reports, and research and technical literature. Investigations will result in the production of reports that include a summary of occupational hazards and root causes, the recommendation and explanation of best practices and control strategies for each hazard/cause, and guidelines for the development and implementation of programs encompassing the recommendations. The individual will also generate other products and reports, such as hazard alerts, addressing trends in occupational hazards seen across individual cases.