September Chapter Meeting – Predictive Intelligence: Open-Source Monitoring Program

Location: Grand Valley State University (Pew Campus/GR Downtown) 301 W. Fulton St, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. Free parking: Eberhard Lot and Fulton Lot See map:

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Time: 7:45 Registration; Breakfast begins 8:00 AM; Presentation starts at 8:15 – 9:15

Speaker: Jason Russell, President of Firestorm Solutions, LLC. Mr. Russell will discuss predictive intelligence infographics

 Cost: $15.00 (Cash, Checks, or cards are accepted) includes traditional breakfast. OSHM students are free as well as first-time guests

RSVP: If attending, please RSVP to Ali Bronson – Ali Bronson no later than Friday September 13th.

Jason Russell

Jason Russell

Jason Russell is currently President of Firestorm Solutions, LLC. Russell served previously as the Chief Security Officer and Executive Vice President of Firestorm Solutions’ security operations and has led the growth of that business group since joining the Company earlier in 2018. Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients by responding to some of the largest and most critical incidents. Their highly-trained team is an industry leader in providing  custom safety and security solutions. Firestorm empowers its clients to manage security risks through assessments, audits, program development, training and advisory services using PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology. Prior to joining Firestorm Solutions, Russell was the founder, President, and CEO of Secure Education Consultants, LLC, which is now part of Firestorm. In that role, Russell was responsible for overseeing all company operations, product development, and quality assurance, while growing the business to serve hundreds of clients in 30 U.S. states.

“Firestorm has developed a well-earned reputation as the best in the Security, Risk, and Crisis Management industries,” said Russell. “I am excited to be a part of continuing to build on this history.”

Prior to founding Secure Education Consultants, Russell served with the United States Secret Service as a Special Agent, taking part in investigative assignments as well as protection assignments for the President and Vice President along with former Presidents and visiting Heads of State. He also served as the Secret Service Lead Instructor at the International Law Enforcement Academy and on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Russell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Western Michigan University and his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Security Management from Michigan State University.

Let’s face it, all the Active Shooter programs are about what to do when the event unfolds to mitigate. Important as this is, we need to also take a look at the front end.  As safety professionals, our mindset is prevention. Jason will speak about their FIRSTSight™ program.

Predictive Intelligence Infographic – Here’s what we know:

People know things – and when they know, they talk.Today, people talk on social media. Initial threats or risk behaviors are frequently shared or observed on social media.Social Media is not random; it’s targeted. Most social media messages provide specific information about people, organizations or events. Because they are targeted, they can and do convey useful intelligence that can be used to identify threats before they become crises.What happens tomorrow is almost certainly on social media today.How many times – after a deadly weapon violence event – have we read news that describes missed behavioral signals, the cry for help expressed beforehand by a perpetrator? While there is no guarantee that every threat or warning sign will be detected, open-source, intelligence monitoring plays a critical role in the safety and security of your most critical assets – your people.

Firestorm strives to identify threatening messages before they become actions. Our experts have extensive experience as former agents of the U.S. Secret Service, the leading safety and security experts in the world. We not only strive to identify threats or potentially dangerous situations, but our Threat Assessment Experts assist clients to manage the response and defuse a potentially negative outcome.

  • September 24, 2019
    8:00 am - 9:15 am