Dangerous Chemicals Hiding in Everyday Products

This “Common Chemicals” presentation was developed to help attendees review chemical characteristics and hazards.

Rich Mahaney
Rich Mahaney

How these chemicals are used and where they can be found in our communities.  Often, people get alarmed when dangerous industrial chemicals are produced, transported and used in areas in which we work, play and live in. The same people, to include many of us, are totally unaware or the hidden dangers of simple, common, everyday chemicals can seriously harm us  in our daily lives. Come and learn why this presentation was put together to help industry loss prevention people, emergency responders and emergency managers be smarter about the chemicals around them in their work, industries and transportation!  What information do you need to make emergency decisions?

Rich has been in the emergency planning and management field in for 29 years. He served as a fire-fighter, EMT, hazmat technician for many of those years. As a county emergency manager, Rich has been tested leading the mitigation efforts during “Once every 500-year flood) Cedar Rapids, Iowa area flood of 2008. He stands poised for the next natural disaster event.

In the meantime, Rich continues to stay abreast on emergency response systems. With that knowledge, he remains a frequent contributor for the International Fire Service Training Association at Oklahoma State University.

Between emergency responses, Rich designs and presents training programs for industries, fire departments, community emergency response teams, and for college and university students majoring in disaster & emergency management covering more than 25 states and four other countries.

State-wide, Rich is a frequent speaker at the annual Michigan Fire Service Instructors Association and the annual  Michigan Safety Conference.