FMCSA Updates Safety Management System (SMS) Website

Matt and Brittany provided the latest updates in which those responsible for overseeing the safety compliance requirements of their commercial fleet. The FMCSA’s redesigned Safety Measurement System (SMS), with the purpose to providing easier access to resources to help carriers improve safety compliance was reviewed. Additionally, what’s public (BASIC) and what’s private information (Crash Indicators and HazMat Compliance) was reviewed.

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WM-ASSP March 2022 Meeting FMCSA Safety Management System (SMS) Video

Matthew A. Kinnucan, Motor Carrier Safety Administrator at FMSCA

Brittany DeVries obtained her OSHM degree from Grand Valley State University. She has nine year of professional safety experience covering electrical utility companies such as DTE Energy and Kent Power and interstate commercial transportation. She is also a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist.

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FMCSA Michigan Division Outreach Presentation Slides