Frederik Meijer Garden Tour of Ongoing Construction – UPDATED Schedule

Frederik Meijer Gardens Tour of Ongoing Construction has been pushed back to Thursday, April 29th at 7:00 PM. Given the COVID-19 situation, the Gardens has been experiencing a high volume (butterflies are blooming exhibit and ancillary activities) of guest traffic now that many restrictions have been modified/lifted. The Garden’s staff priority is to accommodate those needs first and foremost for this month and well into April.

Their normal hours of operation is 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM in April. So why 7:00 PM for our tour? They’ll be able to accommodate our members without distractions. And because all construction activities cease by then, we’ll be able to go to the various construction sites throughout the Gardens  rather than  view from afar. This tour is expected to be both an indoor one and an outdoor one. The weather could only expect to be more pleasant.

We apologize for any confusion or disappointments this may have caused. Notwithstanding, all who planned on attending this week, we hope to see you all for the rescheduled event. You don’t want to miss it. Registration information will be emailed out in the next few weeks.