Enhance your Safety Program with QR Codes

Topic: Training with Q/R Code Tracking

Presenter: Chris Brennan, Safety Manager with Premiere Property Services

We have all seen and probably used a QR Code when we have had to enter a building to submit a Covid-19 health screen questionnaire. Or have you ever wondered how a restaurant uses QR Codes to allow you view their menu while sitting at a table? This virtual chapter meeting will show you how to utilize this technology and how it can enhance your safety program. Think about getting rid of paper copies of PIT Daily Checklists or how to link up a toolbox talk to a mobile workforce as two examples.

Using QR Codes to Enhance Workplace Safety Programs

Premiere Property Services, Inc. located in Grand Rapids services offered include: Drywall repairs-small and large projects, Carpet Cleaning-Commercial & Residential, Construction-small & large projects, Painting-Residential & Commercial, Flooring Installation-carpet, vinyl and LVT, Emergency Water Extractions-Commercial & Residential. And roofing. As you can imagine, once workers get their assignments, they are in their service vans being deployed in all locations throughout west Michigan. Safety training is both generis for all employees but then there’s specialized safety classes. All this can be a nightmare for any soul to stay on top of and keep track on a timely basis.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Using the technology of QR (Quick Response) code developed in 1994, Chris has been able to design, test and implement this easy, yet powerful safety training platform! All in-house! Chris has the mind of an engineer; he sees current e-tools with their shortcomings and makes them better. He’s spoken at the Michigan Safety Conference and packed the room. He’s been called back to the MSC 2021 by popular demand. You’ve heard the saying, “Think out of the Box!” I don’t think Chris knows what that means. I doublt he could even spell it. He see no barriers period. Chris’ mantra, “I have the will and I will find a way!” If you’ve struggled with how to track safety training as many of us have, then this session is for you. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.